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Homestyle Wings (6pc) Wings sautéed with our home sauces

  • Salt and Pepper – Onions, red and green peppers, and minced garlic
  • Basil Wings – Basil and fish sauce
  • Flamin’ Wings – Jalapenos, onions, red and green pepper

Salt and Pepper Calamari
Deep fried squid sautéed with onions, green peppers and minced garlic

Mixed Shrimp Tempura (7pc)
3-piece shrimp, broccoli, carrot, onion, bell pepper

Vegetable Tempura (7pc)
Broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper, onion, carrot, asparagus

Steamed soy beans sprinkled lightly with sea salt

  • Garlic Edamame – sautéed with butter, garlic and soy sauce
  • Spicy Garlic Edamame – sautéed with butter, garlic, soy sauce and siracha

Gyoza (6pc)
Deep fried dumplings with choice of chicken or vegetable

Fresh Spring Rolls (3pc)
Choice of protein, vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, fresh lettuce leaf rolled in a thin rice paper wrap served with a savory peanut sauce. Choose shrimp, chicken, BBQ Pork or Tofu

Egg Rolls (2, 4 or 6 pc)
Crispy crepes stuffed with a mixture of chicken, carrots, eggs, onions, and cellophane noodles.

Deep-fried, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños.

House Specials

Our House Specials are served with rice and your choice of steamed veggies or salad

Sizzling Beef Steak Cubes
Marinated Beef Steak Cubes and onions on a sizzling hot plate. Served with steamed rice and a side salad.

Kung Pao
Choice of protein served white onions, red and green bell pepper, celery, peanuts, dried chili sautéed with spicy Kung Pao sauce served with steamed rice and steamed veggies. Choose beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu.

Teriyaki Salmon
Salmon served with rice and steamed veggies.

Teriyaki Bowls
Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, or Salmon, with mushrooms and broccoli sautéed with house teriyaki sauce. Served with rice.

Saigon Spicy Chicken
Lightly coated slices of all natural chicken breast with a hint of citrus.

Chicken Katsu
Chicken Breast fried with Japanese bread crumbs served with steamed rice.

Fried Rice
Peas, carrots and egg with your choice of beef, chicken, BBQ pork, shrimp or combination.

Tofu with Lemon Grass and Hot Pepper Sauce
Fried tofu tossed in a hot pepper-lemongrass sauce, served with your choice of steamed rice or vermicelli noodles.

Chicken Curry
Chicken Breast sautéed in curry sauce cooked with coconut milk, sweet potatoes served with rice.

Curry Ramen
Thai spicy curry base with chicken, green onions, ramen egg, broccoli, and Japanese Seaweed.

Vegetarian Curry Ramen
Thai spicy currybase with egg plant, fried tofu, white onions, carrots, potatoes, red and green bell peppers.

Orange Chicken
Lightly coated chicken breast sautéed in house sauce.

Stir Fry Noodles
Egg noodles stir-fried with baby bok choy, onions, celery, carrots, broccoli, baby corns, sauteed with our house brown sauce. Choose beef, chicken, shrimp or house.


House Salad
Mixed Greens, carrots, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, ginger dressing, wonton chips.

Tataki Salad
Rainbow fish marinated in spicy ponzu, jalapeños, shallots, avocado, red cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, yamagobo, cherry tomatoes, yam chips

Seaweed Salad

Albacore Salad
Albacore, mixed greens, shallots, avocado, lemons, cucumber, red cabbage, yam chips.


Fresh beef, chicken, or veggie broth with rice noodles, onion, green onions, and cilantro. Served with a side plate of bean sprouts, basil, jalapeño and lime slices.

House Special
Unique combinations for meat lovers! Slices of rare, well done, brisket, flank and tripe.
Choose Small or Large.

Chicken Pho
Chicken white meat.
Choose Small or Large.

Veggie Pho
Tofu, bok choy, broccoli, baby corn, carrots, with veggie broth.
Choose Small or Large.

Create Your Own
Choose any two types of meat: rare, well done, brisket, flank, tripe, chicken, or tofu.
Choose Small or Large.

Add more with extra protein, extra veggies or both.

Vermicelli Noodles

Dry Vermicelli noodle, accompanied by a bed of fresh lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, seasonal herbs, crushed peanuts and fish sauce.

Create Your Own
Choose any two proteins: beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and egg rolls.
Add more with extra protein, extra noodles or salad or extra egg roll.


Bánh Mi
Indulge in the exotic taste of freshly baked baguette topped with your choice of ribeye, pork or chicken, with cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeño, cucumber, and spicy mayo sauce.

A Delicious alternate to a bowl of pho, comes with all the ingredients found inside a bowl of pho except with a twist wrapped in a tortilla and served with our savory broth for dipping.

Sushi: Nigiri

2 pc with Rice
all contain Raw Fish Except Eel and Shrimp
Tuna, White Tuna, Yellowtail, Eel, Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Scallop, Albacore, Masago, Ikura
Tobiko Nigiri – Black wasabi, yuzu, red

Nigiri Specials
Tuna Nigiri – garlic aioli, jalapeño, ponzu, eel sauce
Hamachi Nigiri- cilantro aioli, ponzu and rayu

Sushi: Sashimi

6 pc (No Rice)
Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Eel, Albacore

Sashimi Specials
Yellowtail Carpaccio – Avocado, serrano peppers, red onions, micro cilantro with spicy ponzu sauce
Pink Raspberry Albacore Sashimi – Seared albacore, asparagus, yuzu tobiko raspberry vinaigrerte, micro greens
Sashimi Special – salmon, yellowtail, and tuna, house dauce. 9 Pieces
Truffle Tuna Sashimi – Asparagus, avocado, garlic aioli, truffle oil, yuzu citrus and sauce
Chef’s Special Sashimi – 15 Pieces
Chirashi Bowl – 12 Pieces

Sushi: Basic Rolls

Cali Roll
Imitation Crab, Cucumber, Avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Tuna, Cucumber

Philly Roll
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado

Veggie Roll
Avocado, Cucumber, Sprouts

Shrimp Tempura Roll
Tempura Shrimp, Imt. Crab, Cucumber, Avocado

Rainbow Roll
Cali roll, Top: Assorted Fish

Caterpillar Roll
Eel, Krab, Cucumber Top: Avocado, Eel Sauce

Crunchy Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Avocado. Top: Sp Mayo, Eel Sauce

Soft Shell Crab, Krab, Cucumber, Avocado, Top: Ponzu and Chili Oil

Dragon Roll
Shrimp Tempura and Krab. Top: Eel, Avocado and Eel Sauce

Red Dragon Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Krab and Cucumber. Top: Tuna, Avocado and Eel Sauce

Sushi: Special Rolls

Flamin’ Roll
Sp. Krab Meat, Cucumber. Top: Tuna, Garlic Aioli, Avocado, Yam Chips and Flamin’ Sauce

Chili Mango Roll
Sp. Krab, Cucumber and Avocado. Top: Mango, Yellowtail and Salmon with Mango Habanero Sauce, Yuzu Tobiko, and Micro Greens

Cedar Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna. Top: Seared Albacore, Shrimp, with Avocado, Red Tobiko, Green Onions, with Eel Chipotle and Ponzu Sauce

Salmon Sunrise Roll
Sp. Tuna, Asparagus. Top: Salmon, Avocado, Lemon Slices, and Rayu, with Citrus Crazy Sauce, Wonton Chips, Micro Cilantro.

Hawaiian Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Krab, Cucumber, Avocado. Top: Sp Tuna, Crunchies, Sp. Mayo, and Eel Sauce

92101 Roll
Sp. Scallops, Asparagus, Lemon slices. Top: Seared Salmon, Avocado, Red Onions with Eel Sauce

Ahi Poki Roll
Sp. Tuna, avocado, cucumber Top: Tuna, albacore, Seaweed, Ponzu sauce

Joker Roll
Sp. Yellowtail, Cucumber. Top: Tuna, Yellowtail, Avocado with Sesame Aioli and Ponzu Sauce with Fried Onions, Wasabi Tobiko and Microgreens.

The Padres Roll
Sp. tuna, Cucumbers. Top: Yellowtail, salmon, avocado and jalapeño, ponzu, mustard soy sauce, Yuzu Juice and ponzu.

Cortez Hill Roll
Sp. Krab, Cucumber. Top: Albacore, avocado and Micro cilantro,garlic chips with spicy ponsu and eel sauce

Surf and Turf Roll
Sp. Krab, Shrimp Tempura. Top: ribeye steak, avocado, Crispy red onios and Jalapenos, with and Flamin’ sweet chili sauce

Tiger Roll
Sp. Salmon, Cucumbers. Top: Sp. Tuna,shrimp,Lemon slices, Togarashi,sp garlic ahili and eel sauce

Baja Roll
Sp. Tuna, Cucumber, Lemonslices, Cilantro ..Top: Sp.scallops, Crunchies, Sp. Mayo with eel sauce

Seared Ahi Roll
Soft Shell Crab, Cucumber Top: Seared Tuna, Avocado, Cilantro, Ponzu Sauce

Vegetarian Roll
Shitake Mushrooms, Shishito Peppers, Cucumber, Avocado. Top: Mini Sweet Peppers, Cilantro aioli Sauce, Ponzu Sauce, and Yam Chips

Protein Roll
No rice, Krab, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail. Top: Spicy Scallop, Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo.

Albacore Special Roll
No rice, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Krab. Top: Alabcore, diced jalapeño, cilantro, eel sauce, spicy mayo, cilantro jalapeño aioli.

Cherry Blossom Roll
Krab, Avocado, Cucumber. Top: Salmon, Tuna, Spicy Scallops, Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo.

Sushi: Baked Rolls

Krab, Avocado, cream cheese Top: Tempura fried, jalapeno, sp. Mayo, and eel sauce.

Culichi Roll
Shrimp Tempura, Krab, Avocado, Cream Cheese. Top: Spicy Scallops with Sp. Mayo and Eel Sauce. (DEEP FRIED)

Fire Love Roll
Krab, cream cheese, avocado. Top: Salmon, dynamite sauce, eel sauce, spicy mayo. BAKED

The Bomb Roll
Fried roll, Krab, spicy tuna, cream cheese. Top: Spicy scallops, spicy krab, eel sauce, spicy mayo.

Sushi: Poke Bowls

Big Eye Tuna Bowl
Tuna, mango, avocado, edamame, Cucumbers, Red Cabbage, microgreens, yam chips, green onions, Chuka salad, and soy mustard soy sauce

Spicy Salmon Bowl
Spicy Salmon, Avocado, Yamagobo, Cucumber, Red Radish,edamame, Green Onions, Uzura, Bonito Flakes, and Spicy Ponzu Sauce

Unagi Grilled Bowl
Cucumbers, red cabagge, edamame, Avocado, Sweet Mini Peppers, Krab Meat, Eel, Yam Chips, and Eel Sauce

Yellowtail Mango
Yellowtail, Mango, Yuzo Tobiko, Sweet mini Peppers, mango, red cabbace, cucumbers, avocado with mango habanero sauce


Big Buddha Belly Roll
Deep fried pound cake topped off with ice cream chocolate and Strawberry syrup

Cheese Cake
Home made cheesecake, battered and deep fried served with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, topped off with chocolate drizzle and house made strawberry sauce.

Mochi Ice Cream
Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry

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