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Our Traditional Secret Recipe Sets Us "PHÓ" Above the Rest

"Best pho in downtown San Diego period. The portions are generous and you won't get the amount of protein they give anywhere else for the price. Their vegan pho is heaven."

- G.M., Customer, Local Guide

Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is a traditional Vietnamese dish (actually considered to be the national dish of Vietnam) consisting of rice noodles, broth, herbs/seasonings and meat. Sounds simple, but to really get it right, it takes an outstanding recipe, experience and consistency. At Flamin’ Pho and Sushi Bar we have a secret recipe that was handed down to us.We pride ourselves on CONSISTENTLY providing you with the most amazing tasting pho, served properly for you to have an amazing dining experience… at our table or yours.

We also created the “Pho-rrito” fusion dish… pho in a burrito with our special broth for dipping.

“Great flavor for their Pho. I was not expecting such well done Pho. Definitely recommend this place.”

- L.T., Customer